AKASA Coconut Cooking Oil 1kg
AKASA Coconut Cooking Oil 1kg

AKASA Coconut Cooking Oil 1kg

Akasa coconut oil is a healthier alternative of cooking oil for you and your wholesome family.

Unique Selling Points:

Ø  Cholesterol Free Food
Ø  Neutral Taste & Flavors
Ø  Trans Fat Free
Ø  No Preservatives
Ø  Halal Certified
Ø  Excellent for cooking and deep frying.

** Exclusive selling at 99Speedmart (effective October 2019)

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Ingredients: 100% Refined Coconut Oil

Carton Size: 6 x 1kg

Packaging Type: Jelly Can

Use / Application: Cooking

Shelf Life: 24 months

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Others Information:

1) Akasa Coconut Cooking Oil contains a physically 100% Refined Coconut Oil, that cares for your well-being. Akasa Coconut Cooking Oil is a healthy alternative compare to other cooking oils.

2) Solidification of coconut oil occurs naturally at temperature below 25 and returns to liquid form above 25 ; it does not affect the quality of the oils.