Quality Environmental & OHS Policy

Quality Environmental And Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Policy

We are committed to continually improving our Quality Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems. We Shall at all times:

Strive to provide the highest quality product and services through continually improves our Quality Environmental and Occupational Health & safety Management Systems by setting effective objectives for achieving total customer satisfaction, environmental protection, minimizing the likelihood of accidents and ill health by eliminating hazards and reduce Occupational Health & Safety risks & injury at our workplace.

Ensure compliance of all applicable legal and other requirements.

Ensure prevention of pollution in all work tasks and operational activities by implementing appropriate operational controls.

Ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all our staff, including visitors, contractors, contract workers and members of the public who might be affected by our operations.

Develop personnel competency and facilitate consultation & participation of our employees to effectively implement our Quality Environmental Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.